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    Friday, November 11, 2011, 11/11/2011 02:19:00 AM
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    My life is so screwed up now! I wish i could restart EVERYTHING.

    Saturday, January 8, 2011, 1/08/2011 03:24:00 AM
    a better 2011

    Firstly, BYE TO 2010 & HELLO 2011!
    Basically 2010 just flies so fast, nothing much actually.

    So i guess everyone's wish for the new year, is that it will be better than the previous year huh.
    Hasn't been updating.
    Busy with the xmas presents exchange, busy working, countdown etc.

    So let me tell eu so far about my january days.

    1/1/2011: I was rushing for the train and i fall on the escalator leaving blue blacks on my leg now -.-

    2/1/2011: While clearing the tables when working, the leg of the chair just hit my toe nail. Pain!

    And today, i went to the doctor. Throat infection, flu, cough. Lots of bitter medicine waiting for me now.
    Given 2 days MC.
    But later i have a 3 hours pbf class, wondering if i should go or not. I just checked my attendance for that module, it's the worse among all.

    Another unhappy news, one of my manager transfering out. HAISSSS
    Always i see people and go. Good people will never stay long. But i just hate to see people that i'm close to leave.

    School is as usual stress. Prelims are coming, exams dates are out.
    And sometimes seeing almost everyone are attached make me even emo.


    Monday, December 6, 2010, 12/06/2010 12:48:00 AM
    don't be disheartened

    Happen to see something.
    But it's not that sad afterall i realised.

    I think this time round, it's really clear enough.
    Anyway, all the best =) (from the bottom of my heart) (:

    So when's my turn coming?
    Hope so it'll come soon la huh.

    I wana be a good girl and study hard.
    I loves chilling out sessions.
    Want to dift apart from the partying world. from now.

    No matter what,
    Don't be disheartened, JIA YOU LY! :D

    Saturday, December 4, 2010, 12/04/2010 03:36:00 AM
    A bottle of beer

    While waiting for my hair to dry, here i'm.
    Ok, i've been a very good girl recently.
    Never party for WEEKS already.

    Because recently been busy with school work, work.
    And i'm chasing this drama real hard at home.

    Last time used to find korean drama stupid, until recently this drama was been repeated on channel u.
    They are damn good looking and hot la! Especially him HAHA

    OKAY How i wish i'm a korean. They just have all the XXX factors.
    Maybe now i should just stay at home and chase korean dramas.
    Save money, can kill time somemore :D

    Lazy to talk about work, about school.
    Cause it's just like a routine which you have to do everyday.

    Things happen everyday, be it good or bad.
    It all depends on how eu look at it.
    Don't badmouth, it's not good.

    Maybe sometimes will feel lonely.
    Maybe sometimes eu need someone to be there.
    But even thou there's this someone there for eu now, it doesn't mean eu will be happier.

    Trying my best to stay cheerful at all times. :):):)

    Somehow i feel that in this world, at least in this country that i'm living in,
    knowledge and money really matters alot, alot.

    In a blink of eye, December is here already. But i'm still half awake ..

    A bottle of beer is all i need sometimes.

    Friday, November 12, 2010, 11/12/2010 04:01:00 AM
    A nobody trying to be somebody

    It's 330am in the morning. Worked 11 hours today. Tiredd. 
    Should change my bad habits of bathing at 3am and sleeping at 4am+ everyday. 
    Bad for health, bad for skin complexion & big panda eyes. O_O

    Anyway just saw something on fb.
    I can only say ' i'm stupid, damn thick skinned! '.
    A nobody trying to be somebody. 

    Today i carried like 4k worth of cash in my bag. So scary la~
    And stupid IB asked me to carry $380 worth of coins for them! First time in my life i carried like soo much cash with me and carrying a fucking heavy small box filled with coins from tanglin mall to international building.
    I never knew that coins could be that heavy.
    When i never even thought of running away with the 4k cash but someone else ran away with at most 2k of cash.
    How foolish can he be.

    I haven't recover from flu since a week ago. :( Tomorrow is finally my only off day, away from school, away from work. But i seriously got hell lots of stuffs to do and a day is really not enough.

    1) Go to the immgration center in the morning.
    2) Get my ipod repaired.
    3) Cut and dye hair.
    4) Print all my school stuffs.
    5) Book an appointment for laser.
    6) Leg treatment.

    I need lots of money also. =( But nevermind since my mum is going to sponsor half for my laser. (It's always better than nothing). & Everyone uses IPHONE. I'm going to get one too. But my plan's not up yet. SIGH.
    Yay! Excited to see the chanel bag that my mum asked her friend to bought it from overseas! (:

    So main focus now: study, work, study hard, work hard. Fuck relationship seriously! Trying to party less also.
    Who cares if i have no life. When eu have the money, eu can have any kind of life eu want. That's what my mum told me also :) I've good parents actually.

    $$$$ please come along~~

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 11/09/2010 02:39:00 AM
    Give me a chance, i promise i'll not let eu down

    I meet new people in clubs,
    meet new people through friends,
    meet new people in school.

    But how many actually lasts more than a day?

    Sometimes the stuffs we do seems more like just a normal friend at that point of time.
    After a night long of fun,
    we will be back to not even hi bye friends the next day.

    Really sucks so much when sometimes eu logged into fb and see some of the status.
    You wanted to know but eu are in no position to ask.
    I can still foolishly wished that it's me.


    Crush is nothing. Don't worth any cents.

    I don't wana let these kind of stuffs bother me too much anymore!

    Maybe people like me, don't deserve anything.

    I seriously need to focus more on my studies nowww.

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010, 11/03/2010 01:29:00 AM
    More to come

    I'm SO SO SICK.

    Sore throat
    Blocked nose

    Why must i be sick today?!
    Later i have a party to attend!
    It's Taha's 2...8th celebration at Zirca!
    & It's a MUST to attend.

    Tomorrow i'm visiting the doctor.
    Hope i will be kind of okay at night.

    Back to last sat's halloween.

    Although i"m dressed like a so normal nurse,
    at least its better than last year.

    It's still fun overall with all the awesome people!

    Anyway, the vampire is really cool!  O.O


    Friday i passsed my tp! LIKE FINALLY.
    So my mum asked me to drive out today.
    All i can say is SCARY la.

    The next thing i'm going to plan is ... ...